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Who is recommended for kidney removal (radical nephrectomy)?

How effective is this surgery?

What should patients choose: traditional open nephrectomy or laparoscopic?

Can a person live a full life with one kidney?

What are the advantages of the Dilyanian Clinic in the surgical treatment of kidney cancer?

— It is known that removal of the kidney affected by a malignant tumor is the most common procedure for kidney cancer in our country. Please tell us, who is recommended for kidney removal?

— Yes, unfortunately, kidney removal is still considered almost the only method of treatment in our country.

However, modern Western recommendations focus on maximum preservation of the kidney in so-called localized kidney cancer, as removal of the kidney tumor provides the same oncological results.

Therefore, we perform kidney removal only at stage 2 and above of kidney tumor. That is, either the tumor is larger than 7 cm, or if it is smaller, it affects the blood vessels, neighboring organs, or extends beyond the organ. In this case, unfortunately, kidney removal remains the only possible option.

Important to know!

Kidney removal
For stage 2 and higher tumor, kidney removal is the "gold standard" treatment, offering the best chances of curing kidney cancer.
Laparoscopic surgery
Laparoscopic or robotic surgery is as effective as traditional open surgery, but it is better tolerated by patients.
Method selection
At the Dilyanian Clinic, kidney removal is performed only in cases where kidney resection is not possible.


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play icon Laparoscopic kidney removal

Unlike outdated open surgery, laparoscopic kidney removal is performed through three to four small incisions, through which special cameras and instruments are inserted. The surgeon sees everything in real time on a monitor, minimizing trauma during surgery.

What is the effectiveness of kidney removal surgery?

— Essentially, kidney removal – radical nephrectomy – is the only way to cure kidney cancer in most cases with large or extensive tumors. The effectiveness of this surgery is higher the earlier the tumor is detected.

— What should patients choose: traditional open nephrectomy or laparoscopic?

— The oncological outcomes of both open and laparoscopic kidney removal are identical.

In the vast majority of cases at the Dilyanian Clinical Center, we perform laparoscopic nephrectomy. As with other laparoscopic surgeries, laparoscopic access is better tolerated by patients: there is no postoperative pain and inflammation, less blood loss, no unsightly scar, and no risk of hernia formation. Instead of 10-15 days of fairly heavy inpatient treatment, the patient is discharged and sent home within 3-4 days after surgery.

The patient can return to an active life, including sports, within 2-3 weeks, rather than six months.

— In which cases do you still recommend open surgery?

— We must understand that each method has its limitations: in particular, if the tumor thrombus affects the inferior vena cava,laparoscopic surgery carries more risks than open surgery.

Another relative contraindication to laparoscopic surgery is previous open surgeries and adhesions in the abdominal cavity.

— A question that probably all patients ask: can a person live a full life with one kidney?

— Yes, absolutely.

Of course, the patient should be under the supervision of competent specialists, but a single kidney copes well with normal loads. Moreover, both in our practice and in the world literature, there are numerous cases where a tumor in the only kidney is removed.

Essentially, a person lives with half of one kidney. Typically, these patients do not require chronic dialysis.

— As you mentioned, there are quite a few clinics performing this operation. What are the advantages of the Dilyanian Clinic?

— In my opinion, our main advantage regarding kidney removal is that we strictly adhere to the recommendations of the European Association of Urology.

If it is possible to preserve the kidney, we will preserve it!

I consider our great achievement to be the speed of patient evaluation: in the overwhelming majority of cases, we need only one working day for comprehensive patient evaluation and holding a consultation involving urologists, oncologists, chemotherapists, and anesthesiologists.

The patient does not have to wait for weeks for surgery, let's agree that in such situations every hour counts. Well, and perhaps I would highlight a very important point: none of our patients is abandoned, we just know how to be there for them...

Dr. Oganes E. Dilanyan
Urology-oncology surgeon, Ph.D. of Medical Sciences
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